How Can a Spiritual Reading Help Me?

What is Spiritual?

Before I answer the question of how a Spiritual Reading may help you, it is important to define what Spiritual is. If you put the question into a Google search you will find many different perspectives on what Spiritual is, what a spiritual person is and how to live a spiritual life.  It also becomes obvious that many more people are now defining themselves as spiritual rather than religious.

A Spiritual person, perhaps can be defined as someone who believes in the doctrine that Spirit exists as distinct from physical matter.  Coupled with that, spirit is the primary reality or energy from which all things arise. Spirit is within all things and connects all things. There are of course many religions that teach these principles to vary degrees and most have a deity or god that is the focus. So, a religious person can also be spiritual.  However, many people today see the old religions as irrelevant and are navigating a spiritual path that is non-denominational.

Common Characteristics of a Spiritual Person

Some people identify being spiritual as someone who works with crystals, meditates, read the tarot, believes in past lives, or consultsSpiritual Person psychics. These things are just tools they do not signify that a person is spiritual.

A brief definition of the spiritual person is someone who:

  • Understands that we are all connected and that all everything affects everything else
  • The purpose of life to is to develop one’s mind and heart to embody a deeper understanding of love (you may wish to read my previous blog)
  • That all things in creation contribute to the whole
  • The greatest happiness can be had by ensuring that all Beings are happy and well
  • Constantly seeking enlightenment which can briefly be described as
    • Embodiment of unconditional love
    • Embodiment of the creator self that is beyond the physical and is all things

This list is not an exhaustive list of characteristics displayed by Spiritual People.  It does however, give some of the most common characteristics and it does give us a basis to understand what a Spiritual Reading is.

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