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How an Akashic Records Reading can Help You Get Back on Track

Often, I have said, I wish that my children came with a user Manual, or in fact that I had one myself. Generally, I have said this because I am feeling frustrated and stuck and don’t seem to be able to find the answers I desire. Well my wish has been granted……sort of anyway.

I have always resorted to sitting quietly and asking Spirit “what is going on here?” or “what karmic pattern I am repeating here?”  So, it has not been unusual for me to check out the Akashic Records to get the information and answers.  In fact, I have often helped others access their Akashic Records via a Past Life Regression.  Whilst this method is very useful, it generally only explores one specific life event.

What if you could access far more information other than just one karmic event? Additionally, how would you like a road map of what your greatest strengths are? Especially when it comes to the best ways of manifesting abundance in your life? It would certainly stop you going down pathways that feel like hard work.

Release Your Soul Contracts that No Longer Serve You

What if you could, clear up any contracts, vows that are showing up for you at this time? This is just a small glimpse of the information that you can obtain with an Akashic Records Reading. I am sure that many of you are aware of the need to release emotional baggage, change your thoughts and beliefs, but did it every occur to you that your soul blueprint also needed attention? Well, unfortunately it does take some damage, depending on what we have been up to in the physical dimension.  This kind of damage can be very crippling. Part of your Akashic Reading will be to identify and restore damaged sustain by your Divine Soul Blueprint.

Strengthen Your Connection with Your Divine Self

A Soul Realignment Akashic Records reading facilitates a re-calibration of where you are at, strengthening your connection to your divine self, leading to more energy for life. Ultimately you can realign your timeline allowing fresh and new opportunities to come before you. With more information and energy, we can all make better choices that live to greater fulfilment and purpose in life.

If you would like to experience a Soul Realignment obtained by reading your Akashic Records, you will want to contact Shamarie and make a booking