Train Horn Air Compressors | Air Horn Compressor & Tank Kits

The importance of having a dependable and effective air compressor and tank kit cannot be overstated when it comes to improving the sound performance of your train horn. Together, these parts create the appropriate air pressure for the booming, distinctive sound that railway horns are famous for. To satisfy the various requirements of truck owners and enthusiasts, Uncle Sam’s Road provides a broad selection of train horn air compressors and air horn compressors, and tank sets. We will examine the various solutions, contrast their benefits and drawbacks, and emphasize why our kits are the best option for improving your train horn system.

1. VIAIR 200 Series Air Compressors

These air compressors are well-liked options for train horn installations. These compressors provide a continuous and dependable source of compressed air and include options like the VIAIR 20005 and 20008 versions. They have a 12-volt motor and can deliver up to 150 PSI of maximum working pressure. The compressors in the VIAIR 200 Series are renowned for their silent operation, manageable size, and simple installation. They are appropriate for small and medium-sized train horn installations and offer enough airflow to produce a loud and potent sound.

2. VIAIR 400 Series Air Compressors

The VIAIR 400 Series Air Compressors are a great option for individuals looking for even more power and performance. The VIAIR 400C and 450C variants among these compressors provide more airflow and quicker fill rates. They have a 12-volt motor and can deliver up to 150 PSI of maximum working pressure. The VIAIR 400 Series compressors are built to handle more powerful train horn installations and are intended for heavy-duty applications. Truck owners that want a spectacular and attention-grabbing train horn sound frequently choose them because of their reputation for dependability, high output, and durability.

VIAIR air compressor benefits:

  • Dependable Performance: VIAIR air compressors are designed to provide dependable and constant performance, ensuring that your train horn works at peak efficiency.
  • High-Quality Construction: These compressors were built to resist the rigors of varied settings and weather conditions thanks to the use of sturdy materials.
  • Quick and effective refilling of the air tank for continuous horn operation is made possible by VIAIR compressors’ fast fill rates.
  • Quiet Operation: Several VIAIR models are built to run quietly, reducing noise and assuring a better experience for the driver and those around them.
  • Simple Setup: These compressors are made with simplicity in mind, with user-friendly mounting brackets and hardware for a quick and painless setup process.

3. Kleinn Air Compressors

Kleinn is a well-known company that produces top-notch air compressors. The Kleinn Air Compressors, including the types Kleinn 6350RC and Kleinn 6450RC, are created especially for use with air horns. These powerful compressors have a heavy-duty construction and have a 150 PSI maximum working pressure. They are ideal for truck owners who desire a dependable and potent train horn sound because they are made to resist harsh off-road conditions. When you need a loud, noticeable horn the most, the Kleinn Air Compressors, which are renowned for their dependability, performance, and quick fill rates, will be there for you.

4. HornBlasters Air Compressors

Offering a variety of premium air compressors, HornBlasters is a well-known brand in the train horn industry. The HornBlasters air compressors, including the models 228H and 240H, are made to deliver dependable and consistent performance. These compressors include a 12-volt motor and can deliver up to 150 PSI of maximum working pressure. They can manage difficult train horn settings since they are made with longevity in mind. Truck enthusiasts frequently choose the HornBlasters Air Compressors because of their quick fill times, quiet operation, and simplicity of installation.

Benefits of Our Compressor & Tank Kits for Air Horns:

  • Convenience: Our kits include everything you need, saving you time and effort from having to find individual parts.
  • Compatibility: To ensure that the components are compatible and operate at their best together, we carefully choose and curate the components.
  • Quality: We offer dependable brands of high-quality air compressors and air tanks, providing enduring durability and dependable performance.
  • Assistance: Throughout the selection and installation processes, our team is accessible to offer knowledgeable direction and assistance.
  • Value for Money: Compared to buying each component separately, our kits are a more affordable option.

Uncle Sam’s Road

Train horn air compressors and air horn compressors and tank kits that come with everything you need for a full installation are available at Uncle Sam’s Road. Our kits include an excellent air compressor, a suitable air tank, the required fittings, and mounting hardware. Our kits are meticulously handpicked to ensure compatibility and peak performance because we recognize that selecting the proper components can be overwhelming. You may buy a kit from us with confidence knowing that all the required parts are included and that they are made to function together in unison.

We offer a variety of air compressors and kits, as well as first-rate customer service and helpful installation resources. Our team is committed to assisting you in selecting the ideal train horn setup and ensuring a simple installation procedure. To satisfy the needs of our cherished consumers, we take great satisfaction in providing top-notch goods at affordable costs with exceptional customer service.


An effective and dependable air compressor and tank kit are crucial for updating your train horn system. A variety of train horn air compressors and air horn compressor and tank packages are available at Uncle Sam’s Road, and they are made to accommodate a variety of demands from truck owners and enthusiasts. Let’s examine a couple of additional possibilities and their benefits:

The size and power requirements of your railway horn system, the available installation area, and your budget should all be taken into account when selecting an air horn compressor and tank set. The manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions for proper installation and upkeep must also be followed.

To satisfy your unique demands, Uncle Sam’s Road provides a variety of train horn air compressors and air horn compressors, and tank sets. We have options for you whether you are searching for a small, flexible solution or a powerful compressor for bigger setups.